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Muztaqh Tower located among the Baltoro a part of Karakorum Range having two summits of 7273 and 7180m, on the traditional route of K-2 and other 8000 peaks.
It stands between the basins of the Baltoro and sarpo Laggo glaciers.It’s one of the spectacular and challenges peaks, which is consistly both rock and ice peaks. It‘s huge mountain-massive ,which consist of two summits.In 1881 treaty between Russia and China made complete freedom between two countries. As consequently Russian caravans started bringing goods into eastern Turkistan. British Empire was not lagging behind the war of shadows. In 1947, R.C.F. Schomberg visited Sarpo Laggo Glacier and after crossing east Muztagh Pass 5422m, entered Baltoro Glacier. The first successful expedition reached to the summit of Muztagh Tower West on July 6, 1954 and North East Ridgeon July 7, 1954 by British climbers namely John Hartog Joe Brown
The British army knew this and started surveying of the Karakorum in 1887 beyond his political reason, it was difficult job to scale the area, after a long time the surveyor did a good job to realize the altitude of peaks and passes in Karakorum and other mountain ranges.

Day 1
Arrive in Islamabad
Day 2
Fly to Skardu, if cancelled drives KKH to Chilas.
Day 3
Sightseeing day in Skardu (or drive KKH to Skardu).
Day 4
Preperation day for expedition
Day 5
Drive to Askole
Day 6
Trek to Jula
Day 7
Trek to Paiyu
Day 8
Acclimatization day
Day 9
Trek to Rdukus
Day 10
Trek to Goro II
Day 11
Trek to Muztagh Tower BC
Day 12 _ Day 36
Climbing period
Day 37
Base Camp-Goro II
Day 38
Trek back to Paiju
Day 39
Trek back to Korofong
Day 40
Trek back to Askoli
Day 41
Drive back to Skardu
Day 42
Day 43
Day 44
Rest day
Day 45
Fly back to home


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