Booking Terms & Conditions

While booking a trip with Great Karakoram Expeditions (GKE), we kindly request you to read our booking procedure.

Booking a tour, trek or expedition includes certain terms and conditions regarding services purchased from GKE, and is legally binding between you and Great Karakoram Expeditions.

Please note that you will be travelling in the land of Pakistan. During your trip, we certainly hope against and make sure to take all necessary precautions against any unfortunate circumstances, but it is still possible that you might suffer injuries or serious sickness, for example on your mountain expedition, and in such a case, you will be rescued by helicopter; you may suffer unforeseen losses, damages to property etc. In all such cases, you will be obligated to bear all overhead costs on your own. These things will also be mentioned in our contract. Hence, it is most important for you to read and understand all policies before confirming your booking with us. It indicates your acceptance of all the terms and conditions.


We, Great Karakoram Expeditions (GKE) follow certain terms and conditions that govern the relationship between you (clients) and us (company). Please kindly note that while booking a trip, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and condition along with cancellation policy and limitation of liability. Both the parties (You and The Company) agree to the terms and condition to resolve any legal or other disputes that might arise during the trip.


“Trip” here is defined as any program, itinerary or activity that you buy from us including Treks, Tours, Expeditions, and/or other adventure and tour programs. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when the Company sends a confirmation invoice or email. From then onward, the contract between the Company and the Client comes into existence/effect. Before your booking is confirmed and a contract comes into force, the Company reserves the right to increase or decrease brochure prices. Please note that the company will not be liable for any warranty, collateral agreement, prior agreement, description of services, or conditions, other than as expressed herein.

Booking and Payment

If you are satisfied with the proposal, we request you to fill up an online booking form along with 30% payment of your total trip cost. Your booking form should be attached with a scanned copy of your passport and visa and a head shot / portrait photograph. One member of a team can fill up a booking form, however all other team members should be familiar with the terms and condition before confirmation. 

The trip cost is always quoted in US$ unless otherwise stated. Booking deposit can be made by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card (Visa or Master Card). 30% of your deposit is a non-refundable amount and compulsory for every member to deposit. You can pay your remaining amount once you arrive in Islamabad.

Do not forget to email the Bank Reference Number or remittance slip on deposit. It allows us to track and claim the funds easier if we are provided with details our bank may require of us (reference number remittance slip or sender credentials) and in case the bank misplaces the transfer.

Cancellation Policy

If you leave your trip after it starts for whatever reason, no refund will be given for any unused portion of the trip.

If the company fails to provide the trip due to unexpected circumstances like flight cancellation by airlines, heavy snow, landslides and any other natural disasters that are out of the company’s control; a choice of trip of similar nature would be provided. Alternatively, your trip could also be postponed for a later date. However, any extra expenses incurred due to such cancellation circumstances would be your own liability.

Likewise, any extra expenses incurred by you due to delay or cancellation of flight or any additional cost would be your own liability.

Cancellation Charges are expressed hereafter as a percentage of the total deposit:

Cancellation 60 days or more before arrival: 0% of Total Deposit.

Cancellation 59-21 days before arrival: 50% of Total Deposit.

Cancellation less than 21 days before departure: 100% of Total Trip Cost.

The Client is strongly advised to take out cancellation insurance at the time of booking.


The trip cost does not include personal travel insurance.  We do our best to make your journey safe and comfortable, however you travel at your own risk all the time. Hence, we suggest you to take a personal travel insurance policy.

We advise to take a “Trip cancellation and medical insurance policy” before you arrive in Islamabad, to protect against any unforeseen circumstances.

In case of high altitude treks and expeditions, your insurance policy should cover helicopter rescue, or surface evacuation.

Medical Condition and Special requirements 

Travelling to Pakistan requires good health, physical fitness, and a free mind. Hence, the company requests you to mention any medical conditions, physically challenged conditions as well as any mental or physical condition that might affect your fitness while travelling. Failure to mention any such condition might result in cancellation of your trip and you will need to bear cancellation charges on your own.        

Keep in mind that for some trips; age, mobility, pregnancy and physical or mental condition should be considered. You should check carefully prior to confirming your trip. Any facilities other than not mentioned as well as agreed in writing will not be borne by the company. If you have any special dietary requirements, the company does not compromise, however such requests do not form a part of our agreement and we will not be liable in case of not meeting such requests. Regarding medical facilities, it varies from country to country, hence the company does not give guarantees for the standard of medical treatment.

Amendment of the Trip (Any Changes in Itinerary)

We, Great Karakoram Expeditions accept amendment in trip only prior to confirmation of booking. Once you arrive in Islamabad, the trip will run as agreed. The amendment or changes to trip is accepted only 21 or more days before your arrival in Islamabad.

Sometimes, domestic flights may be delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions in Gilgit-Baltistan. In case of delayed return flights, you are responsible for all the additional cost incurred during your stay, including accommodation and food. Also, to avoid flight delays, you have an option of Helicopter Charter and the cost incurred will be yours. No additional services will be provided unless it is mentioned while booking your trip.

Likewise, GKE will not incur any extra cost in case of missed or delayed international flights, however we could assist you by making alternative arrangements whenever and wherever possible.


Great Karakoram Expeditions (GKE) will not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances: Government restrictions, natural calamities, political strike, flight cancellation, illness/accidents etc.

The amendment or changes on a trekking or expedition route might be decided on the spot by the guides with regard to the feasibility and flexibility.

Passport and VISAS

You should carry a Valid Passport with an appropriate VISA. Please ensure that your passport is valid at least for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip.

We will provide you with an invitation letter and all necessary documentation that your local Pakistani embassy or consulate will require in order to process your VISA application.

Please make sure that you are in possession of the correct VISA’s for the countries you are planning to travel to. GKE will not be responsible for the refusal of your entry into a country due to incorrect VISA documentation or any other external reasons.

Complaints about the trip and services should be shared with the trip leader or guide with whom you feel comfortable in order for us to take appropriate action.

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