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Khurdopin pass trek is one of the world’s most challenging treks, offer for adventure trekkers . One of the most rewarding mountain experiences in the world and takes one to the center of the Karakoram Range along the Biafo Glacier and Khurdopin Glacier in Gilgit-Baltistan.It is home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, thriving cities, colorful markets and warm hospitalities.

Khurdopin is strenuous due to the difficult route, there has been a complication in approach, the technical difficulties of the mountain, harsh condition, absence of climbable window, and the logistical challenges have discouraged several climbers. High danger of falling seracs, plenty of crevasses, over-hanging ice seracs, very unpredictable weather, snow position, and susceptible blizzard like conditions.
The trek starts by following the K2 Base Camp trail and then turns west onto the snow lake. Biafo Glacier, the Braldu River, we cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier. Our route then swings north up the valley of the Dumordo River where. The Panmah Glacier and then conditions permitting and explore the head of the Chiring Glacier and climbing up to the west Muztagh pass to gain our first good views of the high Karakoram including K2 itself. Then we head west up the Choktoi passing by one of the most spectacular clusters of mountains in the world – the Latok and Ogre (Baintha Brak) groups.

Day 1
Arrival in Islamabad.
Day 2
Drive KKH to Chilas./ Fly to Skardu
Day 3
Drive to Askole.
Day 4
Trek to Namla
Day 5
Trek to Baintha
Day 6
Trek to Karfogoro
Day 7
Trek to Snow Lake
Day 8
Rest day
Day 9
Trek to BC
Day 10
Climb Khurdopin and camp near Pettinelli Peak
Day 11
Day 12
Descending down to Italian Camp
Day 13
Descend to Dildaar / Shambi Camp
Day 14
Descending - Trek to Chirrin
Day 15
Descending - Trek to end of Khurdopin Glacier
Day 16
Trek to Shimshal Village
Day 17
Drive to Gilgit
Day 18
Drive KKH Chilas
Day 19
Rest day in Islamabad
Day 20
Fly back to Home
Day 21
Extra day
Day 22
Extra day


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash.
  • Hair brush or comb, hair ties, barrettes/bobby pins.
  • Deodorant.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Sunscreen and face lotion with SPF.
  • Night time Moisturizer/Lotion.
  • If under any medication, enough stock
  • All Meals
  • All ground and plane transportation
  • All accomodation
  • Full trek guide and staffs
  • All trek pack and equipment
Not Included
  • Alcohol or Beverage
  • Camera and other non trek accessories
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