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Experience life in Kalash valleys
Explore the wonderful Hunza valley
Cross Hussaini Rope Bridge
Drive the legendary Karakorum Highway

The form of a unique ancient culture, high mountains and hospitable people. The Kefirs kalash tribe, who are nature worshipers, live in three of the many serene and beautiful valleys that remain locked up in the lofty snow capped peaks of the Hindukush Mountains which connect Chitral with Afghanistan and through it with the Central Asian states of former USSR. In fact at one point the famous wakhan corridor separates chitral from Tajikistan in Central Asia by only 25 kms.

The Chitralis are peace- loving people, fond of music, dancing and very proud of their unique culture. The game of polo also originated from this are where it is still played in a no-rule, free style. A polo match is played on the highest polo ground of the world, shandoor, in the first week of July when the polo teams of the rival mountain states of Gilgit and Chitral flex their muscles to prove their superiority over one another.
The hot spring valley, 40 km from chitral town is besides the Kalash valley, another popular spot both for a bath in the sulphur springs as well as for trout fishing in its mountain streams. The kalash valley the home of about 4000 Kafirs ( non-Muslims) living in about 20 villages.” kafir” means infidel and “kalash” black.The chitrali people are pronounced kafir kalash because they are non Muslims and women of these tribe wear black hair-dresses which flow down their backs. The kalash women do not observe pardah.They is also famous for their dances.
A road trip through the awe-inspiring Karakorum and Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Gilgit Baltistan. These mountains contain a kaleidoscope of people as well as some of the earth’s most incredible scenery. We’ll begin by taking a flight from Islamabad to Chitral. From there we take a three-day road trip through the Hindu Kush range and into Karakorum. Next, it is the Hunza valley exploring the rope bridges of Husseini Passu glacier and learning about life in the high mountains of Pakistan. Finally, we’ll take one of life’s great road trips, the Karakorum Highway, back to Islamabad.

Day 1
Islamabad/ Rawalpindi (sightseeing)
Day 2
Fly to Chitral visit Chitral valley
Day 3
Drive to Birir, Bumburet and Rumbur valleys
Day 4
Drive to Mastuj
Day 5
Drive from Mastuj – Shandur Pass – Phandur
Day 6
Drive from Phander to Hunza
Day 7
Visit Altit Fort and Hopper glacier
Day 8
Attaabad Lake Gulmit- Borith Lake
Day 9
Drive to Khunjreab Pass 4733m
Day 10
Drive to Chilas / Naran
Day 11
Rest Day In Islamabad
Day 12
Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash.
  • Hair brush or comb, hair ties, barrettes/bobby pins.
  • Deodorant.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Sunscreen and face lotion with SPF.
  • Night time Moisturizer/Lotion.
  • If under any medication, enough stock
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