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Mingling Sar is located in the Shimshal Valley in Gojal neighboring the Chinese southernmost mountain range Kun Lun. Shimshal Lake lies at the base of the mountain near the Shimshal Pass. This exciting trip takes you through the Shimshal gorge in the immediacy of the Wakhan Corridor and high pastures of the mysterious Pamirs on the dividing line between South Asia and central Asia. You will see large herds of yaks, sheep, goats and sometimes ibex grazing on these high grasslands.

The trek to Minglig Sar starts from Shimshal Valley (3000 m) to Wuch Furzeen (3365 m) which is 7-9 hours walk. From Wuch Furzeen to Shuijherav (4350m) is 6-8 hours walk. It takes 3 hours to reach Shimshal Pass from Shuijherav. Shimshal Pass is the most pleasant camp site near the crystal clear icy lake. It is possible to climb Mingling Sar from here in one day but requires good physical fitness, acclimatization and obviously good luck with weather.

In our journey we will come across steep passes, glaciers, lakes and beautiful valleys. The famous historical Shimshal Pass was the route of Hunza raiders on trade caravans traveling over the Karakoram Pass between China and India in ancient times. One of the great attractions and the highlight of this climb is that from the summit with some luck one can have a glimpse of the north face of K2 far on the south eastern horizon.

Day 1
Arrive in Islamabad
Day 2
Fly to Gilgit; if cancelled, drive via KKH to Chilas
Day 3
Sightseeing day in Hunza (or drive via KKH to Hunza)
Day 4
Preparation day for expedition
Day 5
Drive to Shimshal
Day 6
Trek to Past Furzeen
Day 7
Trek to Arbob Peryain
Day 8
Trek to Showjrab
Day 9
Trek to high camp / Showurth
Day 10 - Day 12
Three days for acclimatization and climbing
Day 13
Trek back to Arbob Peryain
Day 14
Trek back to Past Furzeen
Day 15
Trek back to Shimshal and drive back to Hunza
Day 16
Drive back to Chilas and then Islamabad via KKH
Day 17
Rest day in Islamabad
Day 18
Fly back home


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  • Hair brush or comb, hair ties, barrettes/bobby pins.
  • Deodorant.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Sunscreen and face lotion with SPF.
  • Night time Moisturizer/Lotion.
  • If under any medication, enough stock

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