Who We Are

Organizers of world class adventure holidays in Pakistan, ranging from deserts and beaches to summits above the clouds, from colorful city streets to one of the most culturally diverse populace in the world, and that too at very competitive prices. After years of gathering experience, the GKE team realized the responsibility of tour operators to be able to address the preferences and depth of pockets of every kind of traveler and tourist so that no one misses the highlights of adventure outdoor tourism.

Our programs are designed by experienced guides, who have known the regions for decades and our operational principle is based on creating win-win for everyone involved, which includes, the local communities, environment, guides, nation and the company.

We have accumulated every strength and worked on every weakness of all facets while operating tours, treks or expeditions. We are not new in the industry but we are new to owning a company. We know that both are totally different sides of a coin but we rightfully boast about our extensive knowledge of both sides of the coin.

Traveling with us is truly an opportunity for travelers as well as us because we dream big and while dreaming big we know we have to cater the best. Our guarantee is to overcome every challenge to offer you the holiday of a lifetime.

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